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BootyFits.com / YaninaSportswear.com focuses on bringing sexy fitnesswear to the active modern woman. We are dedicated to women’s exercise needs and we are always looking for the best new activewear for you. We have the workout clothes you need to help you stay fit and look your best while working out.

Our sets are carefully designed with high performance fabrics such as Supplex/Lycra using cutting-edge technology to produce extremely comfortable flexible outfits which can stretch up to 40% of its size, without ever losing its original shape. It’s softer than standard nylon fabrics and feels like cotton, keeping its bright colors after years of use. It never fuzzes or peels, wears or tears, and wicks moisture away for quick drying.

Our brands have been specially designed to be soft to the touch, yet strong enough to withstand grueling workouts whether indoors or out in the elements.

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YaninaSportswear.com / BootyFits.com is also an activewear distributor and a leading seller in women’s fitness fashion, workout wear, exercise clothing, and casual wear for multiple wearing options. We are excited about the range and quality of products that we provide worldwide. Inspired by rich colors, versatility, high-quality fabrics and outstanding craftsmanship, we’ve put together a robust line of sports clothing and women’s sportswear to motivate your lifestyle. We are a Company created by women for women who want to look and feel their best while exercising, relaxing, or on the go.

Our product lines use a mixture of high-tech fabrics utilizing Supplex and Lycra. We include a wide variety of sets, pants, bra tops, bodysuits, leggings, capris, tank tops, jackets and accessories. The Company strives to create a sexy, superior fashion and supply the global market with innovative products that are functional yet stylish.

Our company continues to be a company committed exclusively to addressing the multi-faceted needs of today’s active woman. Their fitness, yoga, sports, dance, and casual lifestyles are in need of apparel that covers a variety of body types. We have been working to bring you a great collection of fitness wear and athletic clothing.

Our goal is to address the unique needs of women as they seek a sexier look in all activities of their life. We are first and foremost in fitness fashion, workout wear, gym wear, yoga outfits, weightlifting attire, cardio and aerobic clothes. With innovative ideas and cutting edge designs, Yaninasportswear.com offers you outfits that can also be incorporated in everyday activities.

Our mission is simply to provide women with exercise apparel that makes them look great and, more importantly, feel great about themselves. Manufactured with the highest quality materials, our products are made of high-tech fabrics, including Premium Brazilian Supplex® (90% Polyamide and 10% Elastane), Supplex® is a Registered Trademark, made by InVista® (formerly DuPont®), it is the most comfortable and durable performance fabric, we also incorporate Doutex® (92% Polyamide and 8% Elastane). Our items are Breathable, Don’t Fade, Fit Dry, Wrinkle Free, and Stretch 500%.

We are very selective about the product lines we carry. We strive to find the highest quality merchandise and the best values for our customers. We feature products from the leading brand names in the industry including Couture, Gahuerl, G SPORTS, Fitness Fit, Square Fit, Pezzi, Kassis, Protokolo, Tiempo Libre, Body Angel Activewear, Perfection Activewear, Maaji Swimwear, Saramitu, Equilibrium Activewear,Planet Body, Blue Fish, Bia Brazil, Nina Bucci, Green Apple activewear, and many others.

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info@yaninasportswear.com. Your input is important to us. It’s our job to make sure that you find what you want!

All our products are high quality and especially engineered to fit-firm your shape, just to enhance your body… exercise your beauty.

We also carry swimwear!! Beautiful and amazing designs from Maaji Swimwear. Reversible styles so you always have a new look.